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JOURNAL OF BEIJIGN UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINE ›› 2014, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (5): 337-343.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2014.05.012

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Quality-representation of medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin based on medicinal system

MEI Ying-ying1, XU Shu-ya1, ZUO Sheng1, PENG Ping1, QUAN Jian-ye1, AN Qi2, JIANG Yan-yan1, WANG Chun-mei1, WANG Yong-yan3, SHI Ren-bing1,4   

  1. 1 School of Chinese Pharmacy, Key Unit of Exploring Effective Substances of Classical and Famous Formulas of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine,Beijing 100102;
    2 School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Capital University of Medical Sciences;
    3 China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences;
    4 Quality Control Technology and Engineering Center of Chinese Medicine, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education
  • Received:2014-01-04 Online:2014-05-30 Published:2014-05-30

Abstract: Objective To establish the method of quantitative determination for effective index components of medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin based on medicinal system, analyze quality-representation correlation, insure key factors influencing quality and prepare antimicrobial agents with high quality from Lianqiao Yin. Methods The content of effective index components of medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin was detected by using HPLC-DAD. According to the size of the antibacterial annulus, use paper disk method to determine the antibacterial effect of drug-preparation in vitro. In vivo, Staphylococcus aureus was cultured for 18 hours and 5% yeast liquor was inoculated into the abdominal cavity of mice who had given medicine. Death rate and average survival time were observed and analyzed within 7days after being infected. Results The effective index components gardenosid(GD); prim-O-glucosylcimifugin(PGCN); cimifugin(CN); liquiritin(LQR); forsythoside A(FTA);4’-O-D-glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol(GMV);phillyrin(Phil); glycyrrhizic acid(GZA), of medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin showed a good linear relationship, and qualified average recovery. All 3 kinds of medicinal-preparation had antibacterial effects in vivo and in vitro, and their descending order was as follows: enrichment>alcohol extract>water extract. According to the medicine-efficacy correlation analysis, among 3 medicinal-preparation, the content of effective index components is higher in enrichment with unique proportion, lower extraction rate, lower dosage and higher antibacterial effect, which is the best medicinal-preparation application form of Lianqiao Yin. Conclusion The method is simple, accurate and sensitive with good repetition, which can be used in the study on quality-representation of medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin. Based on the basic composition and extraction rate of medicinal system, the key factor for increasing medicinal efficacy is to promoting relative effective components and optimizing their proportion.

Key words: medicinal system, medicinal-preparation of Lianqiao Yin, quality-representation, medicine-efficacy correlation analysis

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