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A meta-analysis of Chinese medicines on treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion*

LIANG Chengcheng ,LEI Lei#   

  1. Hunan University of Chinese Medicine,Hunan 410007
  • Received:2015-11-17 Online:2016-05-30 Published:2016-05-30

Abstract: Objective To systematic review on Chinese medicines for recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) by meta-analysis. Methods The literature was collected by computer retrieval on domestic database, manual retrieval on conference proceedings and information of pharmaceutical factories. According to the inclusive and exclusive criteria, tests were selected, data were extracted and evaluated and the systematic review was carried out by description analysis, the meta-analysis was conducted using RevMan 5.3 software from Cochrane Collaboration. Results 15 studies with 1 051 cases were included. The following indicators in Chinese medicine group (experiment group) were superior to those of control group (P=0.00)—clinical efficiency[OR=3.92,95%CI(2.11,7.28)],improvement of symptom score[WMD=1.83,95%CI(1.77,1.89)],successful tocolysis rate[OR=5.55,95%CI(2.29,13.41)], HCG levels[WMD=10 791.66,95%CI(8 644.24,12 939.08)],negative rate of ACA[OR=4.13,95%CI(2.05,8.33)], negative rate of EmAb[OR=3.13,95%CI(1.53,6.39)], CD3 antibody[WMD=-2.48,95%CI(-4.73,-0.23)], CD8 antibody[WMD=0.98,95%CI(0.16,1.79)].However, there was no significant difference in CD4 antibody[WMD=1.04,95%CI(-0.13,2.22)](P=0.08).Conclusion Current evidence proves that Chinese medicine has advantages in treating RSA.Due to the bias from selection and detection,the argumentation intensity was loosen inevitably. So much more high quality randomized double-blind controlled trials are needed to provide more high quality evidence.

Key words: Chinese medicines, recurrent spontaneous abortion, meta-analysis, randomized controlled trial

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