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JOURNAL OF BEIJIGN UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINE ›› 2016, Vol. 39 ›› Issue (9): 739-743.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2016.09.008

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Comparison of reinforcing spleen formulas on skeletal muscle in rats with spleen deficiency pattern*

ZHANG Guangxia, LIU Biyuan, ZHANG Yuanfeng, XIE Ming#   

  1. School of Preclinical Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029
  • Received:2016-02-20 Online:2016-09-30 Published:2016-09-30

Abstract: Objective To observe and compare the effects of three reinforcing spleen formulas (Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, Sijunzi Decoction, Shenling Baizhu Powder) on the changes of skeletal muscle power in rats model with spleen deficiency pattern. Methods Male Wistar rats were randomly divided into normal group, model group, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction (BZYQD) group, Sijunzi Decoction (SJZD) group and Shenling Baizhu Powder (SLBZP) group. Except the normal group, the rats of the four groups were modeled after over fatigue and improper diet for consecutive four weeks. On Day 15 after modeling, three medication groups were intragastrically administered (i.g.) corresponding Chinese medicines at dose of 4.05 g/(kg·d), while model group and normal group were i.g. administered distilled water at the same dose, for consecutive 14 days. Then grip strength was measured, biochemical indexes of blood and skeletal muscle were detected, and the pathological changes of skeletal muscle were observed. Results Compared with normal group, the indexes of rats of normal group, involving grip strength, succinate dehydrogenase (SDH) in skeletal muscle, creatine kinase isoenzyme (CK-MM), Ca2+-ATPase, M-AChRM2 and Musclin decreased significantly, while serum AchE increased significantly (P<0.01 or P<0.05). Inflammatory cell infiltration was observed in skeletal muscle, and muscle fiber was scattered in disorder with uneven thickness, loose arrangement and vacuole degeneration in model group. Compared with model group, the biochemical indexes and pathological changes of the three medication groups were ameliorated, among which the grip strength, SDH, CK-MM, M-AChRM2 of skeletal muscle in BZYQD group were higher significantly than those of SJZD group and SLBZP group (P<0.01 or P<0.05). Conclusion Skeletal muscle injuries were found in rats with spleen deficiency pattern. In TCM, Sijunzi Decoction has been used for reinforcing spleen, Shenling Baizhu Powder been used for reinforcing spleen and eliminating dampness, and Buzhong Yiqi Decoction been for reinforcing spleen and rising yang. The three formulas could improve the skeletal muscle of rat model with spleen deficiency pattern, in which Buzhong Yiqi Decoction showed the best efficacy.

Key words: reinforcing spleen formula, spleen deficiency pattern, skeletal muscle, rats

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