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JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE ›› 2019, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (2): 99-102.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2019.02.002

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Study on identification and intervention of composite constitutions

Sun Pengcheng, Wang Ji, Yang Peiying, Wang Qi#   

  1. School of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing 100029, China
  • Online:2019-02-28 Published:2019-02-28
  • Contact: Wang Qi, Doctoral supervisor. School of Chinese Medicine,Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. E-mail: wangqi710@126.com

Abstract: Composite constitution is prevalent among people. Its complexity makes it difficult to identify or intervene; therefore, this is one of the most difficult problems in today’s TCM constitution study. This article proposes the idea of further analyzing composite constitution with the help of auxiliary analysis scale, finding out the dominant constitution, and classifying it into nine basic constitution types. For particular composite constitution, this article puts forward corresponding methods to intervene. For constitutions that don’t contradict each other, they should be intervened equally; while for contradictory constitutions, the dominant constitution should get more intervention. Another important rule is that, during the whole intervention, the vital qi should be supported gradually. This proposal could serve as a reference for new approaches to the identification and intervention of composite constitution.

Key words: constitution of traditional Chinese medicine, composite constitution, constitution identification, constitutional intervention, constitution regulating model

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