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JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE ›› 2019, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (5): 362-369.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2019.05.002

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Expanded new concept five phase map: on model of metasystem

Zhang Zhiqiang   

  1. Institute of Chinese Basic Clinical Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing 100700,China
  • Received:2019-01-19 Online:2019-05-30 Published:2019-06-05
  • Contact: Prof. Zhang Zhiqiang, Ph.D., Institute of Chinese Basic Clinical Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, No. 16, Nanxiaojie Street, Dongzhimennei Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100700. E-mail: fx2200@163.com

Abstract: Prof. Meng Kaitao, works on philosophical mathematics in Northwestern University and is an appointed researcher in the Institute of Chinese Basic Clinical Medicine of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, originally creates philosophical mathematics for interpreting the cosmology from thinking perspective. He has discovered twelve laws of the world based on the dialectical logic thinking mode and refined the concept of metasystem. On the basis of TCM time-space medicine, Prof. Meng combines the thinking of Hetu and Yidao and creates a new concept five phase (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) map to comprehensively interpret the origin and evolution of TCM thinking mode. The connotation of metasystem is interpreted from thinking angle, and the content of new concept five phase map, a Prof. Meng’s metasystem thinking mode, is mined in the paper, including five phase distribution, central axis, middle qi and dimensions. The paper proposes that five-phase distribution is closely related to the contents of central axis, middle qi, and dimensions. The earth in the center is surrounded by other four phases, and spleen does not correspond only one season. Spleen governing four seasons is in line with the thinking mode of the universe. The engendering and restraining of five phases are not linear sequence. The movements of five phases show a perfectly round motion with spleen in the center. The middle qi is generated due to extreme changes, which is the congenital original qi and element power of upbearing, downbearing, floating and sinking. The shape of central axis is not a physical linearity, but a spirit of thinking construction with inner yang qi. The soft upbearing of yang qi sinking and its downbearing stems from floating. The central axis is in the position between two places at the lower left and the upper right with time-space connotation. The five phase map, drawing upbearing, downbearing, floating and sinking, aims at interpreting the connotation of four-dimensional phase. The floating and sinking are the noumenon of yin and yang, and upbearing and downbearing are the transformation of yin and yang. The name is different so connotation is different, and four motions are not the extending of same dimension, while belong different dimensions. In other words, Prof. Meng proposes the law of alternating and reciprocal transformation, indicates the difference in complexity of upbearing, downbearing, floating and sinking, and points out the dimension content implicating in movements of upbearing, downbearing, floating and sinking of new concept five phase map. The changes of universe show four-dimensionality and four dimensions in TCM also contains space-time content. The four dimensions are changing. The four dimensions of metasystem contain spirit, qi and physique and will be multiplied as long with yin-yang differentiation, which is not simple three-dimension or four-dimension construction and shows multi-dimensional nature.

Key words: new concept five phase map, metasystem, dimensions, medium qi

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