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JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE ›› 2021, Vol. 44 ›› Issue (4): 313-317.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2021.04.005

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Research on Ye Qizhen's biography and clinical experience*

Gao Yanzi, Yu Zhimin#   

  1. Institute of Basic Theory for Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences,Beijing 100700,China
  • Received:2020-09-28 Published:2021-04-29
  • Contact: Prof. Yu Zhimin, Doctor's Supervisor, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. No. 16 Nanxiao Street, Dongzhimen, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100700. E-mail: yuzhilaiye@sohu.com
  • Supported by:
    2020 Special Investigation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Resources, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Development Fund Project ( No.WHZX-2020-85)

Abstract: Ye Qizhen was a famous TCM specialist in Chuansha area (now Pudong New Area, Shanghai) in Qing Dynasty. He was specialized in pediatrics and gynecology although his specialty areas covered 13 subspecialities of traidtional Chinese medicine (TCM). There are two existing medical books-Nv Ke Zhi Zhang (Guidance to Gynecology) and You Ke Zhi Zhang (Guidance to Pediatrics). Ye Qizhen's medical achievements were based on his assiduous devotion to reading books and his experience in treatment orginated from numerous clinical practice and communication with other practitioners. His legacy had been passed down to at least two generations in his family with various disciples such as Wu Yungong and Liu Jialong. Ye had made significant achievements in clinic and literature of TCM, as he extensively cited numerous ancient documents as references in his works. He had unique insights into pediatric diarrhea, chronic convulsion, cough, and postpartum diseases. Moreover, he advocated the flexible use of prescriptions and attached importance to the inheritance and innovation of prescriptions.

Key words: Ye Qizhen, Chuansha area, Pudong New Area, Nyu Ke Zhi Zhang, You Ke Zhi Zhang

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