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JOURNAL OF BEIJIGN UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINE ›› 2015, Vol. 38 ›› Issue (3): 158-161.doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.03.003

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Application of non-equilibrium thermodynamical theory in syndrome thermodynamics of TCM*

LI Hong-juan1,WANG Le-peng1, WEI Ming1,DENG Pin1,SUN Tao2#   

  1. 1 School of Preclinical Medicine,Beijing University of Chinese Medicine,Beijing 100029;
    2 Sub-health Committee, China Association of Chinese Medicine
  • Received:2014-04-11 Online:2015-03-28 Published:2015-03-28

Abstract: To interpret the TCM yin-yang theory by introducing the theory of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. By using infrared imaging technology, the regional calorific values on body surface corresponding to viscera and triple-energizer inside were presented on coordinate diagrams. The presentation was called human thermal structure which established the ideas and methods of thermodynamics of TCM syndrome. It put clearly forwards that healthy human thermal structure conformed to the dissipative structure, and the human thermal structure appeared differently in person with different TCM syndrome. So the treatment based on syndrome differentiation is adjustment of regional cold or heat deviation to restore normal human non-equilibrium thermal structure.

Key words: non-equilibrium thermodynamics, syndrome, infrared imaging, technology

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