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    Interpretation of complexities of TCM constitutional theory
    GUO Gang, LYU Ya-Yu, ZHENG Yan-fei, WANG Qi
    2015, 38 (7):  437-440.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.001
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    Based on the reasonable interpretation of complexity of human body, TCM constitutional theory is to summarize and abstract Four Basic Principles viz. the theory of physical process, of body-spirit syncretism, of environmental constraint and of genetic endowment. Regarded as the starting points and theoretical basis of studies in TCM constitution, the basic principles mentioned above impling the characteristic complexities of dissipation, integrity, openness, nonlinearity and emergence indicates that they exactly focus on the individual differences and individual diagnosis and treatment, which leads to enrich and improve the development of TCM.
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    Hemostatic effect and mechanism of wind-dispelling Chinese medicinal herbs
    HU Hong-lin, YANG Zhen, LU Sai, GAO Lin
    2015, 38 (7):  444-446.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.003
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    Wind-dispelling Chinese medicinal herbs were widely used in syndrom of bleeding due to the effect of hemostasis. Based on the experiences of clinical practice, the ancient TCM physicians summarized that bleeding was caused by“wind pathogen damaged blood”, that is to say, wind pathogen, tending to move and change, blowed the blood to flow outside the channels. While modern medical literature showed that inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) was the key factor closely related to syndrom of bleeding, the anticoagulant effect of iNOS worked mostly through producing a large amount of nitric oxide(NO) and promoting expression of cyclooxygenase- 2(COX-2). Wind-dispelling medicine could down-regulate gene expression of iNOS at different steps to inhibite the production of NO and expression of COX-2, so as to promote platelet adhesion and aggregation and vasoconstriction. The hemostatic mechanism of wind-dispelling medicine is potentially related to the anti-inflammatory effects reducing inflammatory cytokines.
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    Discussion on the diagnosis model of disease names of Chinese medicine and Western medicine in TCM practice
    XIANG Ming, LIN Xiang-dong, HE Jun-feng, ZOU Xiao-ling, HUANG Hui-yong
    2015, 38 (7):  447-449.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.004
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    The diagnosis model of disease names of Chinese medicine and Western medicine is widely used simultaneously in TCM practice. Undoubtedly, the standard application of disease names of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, shows a style of normalization of TCM diagnosis and treatment. However, some problems still exist in TCM clinical practice, such as less Chinese medicine disease names, lacking of uniform diagnosis standard in TCM practice, application mechanical leading to rigid diagnosis and treatment, and so on. It is suggested that TCM physicians should carry out the diagnosis model of disease names of Chinese medicine and Western medicine according to the situation.
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    Correlation between structural shifts of gut microbiota and hyperuricemia in quails
    HUANG Sheng-nan, LIN Zhi-jian, ZHANG Bing, GENG Di, NIU Hong-juan, ZHU Chun-sheng, WANG Xue-jie, SUN Bo-yu
    2015, 38 (7):  452-456.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.006
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    Objective To explore the effect and potential mechanism of gut microbiota on the development of hyperuricemia(HUA). Methods Altogether 48 Difake male quails were randomly diveded into four groups (n=12 each) according to body weight: normal group(N group), model group(M group), antibiotics and normal diet group(Ab+N group), and antibiotics and high-purine diet group(Ab+M group). Quails in N group and Ab+N group were fed with normal diet, and those of other two groups were fed with high-purine diet; at the same time, quails in N group and M groups drank clean tap water, and those of Ab+N group and Ab+M group drank water containing ampicillin (150 mg/L) and neomycin (75 mg/L) for consecutive 28 days. The microbiota structure of quail gut was determined by PCR-DGGE, while the concentration of endotoxin (LPS) in plasma and cecal content, serum uric acid (UA), xanthine oxidase (XO) activity in serum and liver were measured by automatic biochemical analyzer or multiscan spectrum. Results Compared with N group, the gut microbiota structure of M group changed, as well as the concentration of LPS in plasma and cecal contents, the activity of XO in serum and liver, and serum UA all increased significantly (P<0.05 or P<0.01); however, the indicators mentioned above showed no significant differences in Ab+N group and Ab+M group (P>0.05). Compared with M group, the concentration of LPS in plasma and cecal contents, the activity of XO in liver, and serum UA in Ab+N group and Ab+M group all decreased dramatically(P<0.05 or P<0.01). Conclusion High-purine diet induced structural shifts of gut microbiota and HUA in quails. The concentration of LPS, metabolite of gut microbial flora, is positively related to the activity of XO and serum concentration of UA. And the occurrence of hyperuricemia maybe is attributed to activation effect of LPS on XO activity.
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    Effect and mechanism of cryptotanshinone on apoptosis of human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901
    DENG Feng-chun, YU Zhan-jiang, YANG Yu, ZHAO Hong-ye, WANG Bin, ZHOU Li
    2015, 38 (7):  457-461.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.007
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    Objective To investigate the apoptosis effect of cryptotanshinone (CPT) on human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901, so as to explore the molecular mechanism related. Methods SGC-7901 cells were treated with varying concentration of CPT. MTT assays and flow cytometry were used to evaluate the effects of CPT on the proliferation and apoptosis of SGC-7901 cells. The protein expressions of Bax, Bcl-2, p53 and p21, a series of apoptosis-related proteins, were observed by Western blotting, and the mRNA expressions of Bax, Bcl-2, p53 and p21were determined by real-time RT-PCR. Results Following 24 h treatment, CPT was capable of inhibiting proliferation and inducing apoptosis of SGC-7901 cells significantly. In addition, Bax and p53 mRNA and protein were upregulated, while Bcl-2 mRNA and protein were downregulated. It is well known that both Bcl2 and Bax are transcriptional targets for the tumour suppressor protein, p53, which induces cell cycle arrest or apoptosis. Conclusion Apoptosis can be induced in SGC-7901 cells by CPT, potentially via a mitochondrial pathway.
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    Mechanism of invigorating kidney and activating blood recipe for the treatment of diabetic erectile dysfunction in rats
    YUE Zeng-bao, MA Wen-jun, QIN Mao, LIU Bao-xing, KE Ming-hui, WANG Chuan-hang
    2015, 38 (7):  462-466.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.008
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    Objective To study the therapeutic effect and mechanism of invigorating kidney and activating blood(IKAB)recipe, a Chinese herb compound, on diabetic erectile dysfunction (DED) in rats. Methods 40 male SD rats were randomly divided into four groups (each n=10):normal group, model group, low-dose IKAB group (low-dose group)and high-dose IKAB group(high-dose group). The rat model with 2 type of diabet mellitus was induced by intraperitoneal injection of streptozotocin (STZ). Normal group and model group were intragastrically administered (ig.) with normal saline, low-dose group was ig. 3 g/kg of IKAB and high-dose group was ig. 6 g/kg IKAB for consecutive 8 weeks. The penis viscera index was measured;the intracavernous pressure (ICP)were detected by Biopack electrophysiological instrument; the expressions of pAKT and AKT were detectd by Western blotting; cell apoptosis of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle were measured by using TUNEL method and the pathological changes in penile tissue were observed by using Masson trichrome staining. Results Compared with model group, the penis viscera index of both IKAB groups had no statistical differences (P>0.05); the expressions of pAKT and AKT increased significantly(P<0.05); although the ratio of cell apoptosis of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle decreased, the statistical differences were not shown (P>0.05).Furthermore, ICP and ICP/MAP increased markedly in high-dose group and the collagen fiber proportion decreased in low-dose group compared with model group (P<0.05).Conclusion The mechanism of invigorating kidney and activating blood recipe increasing ICP in rat model with DM is related to increasing the expression of pAKT, inhibiting cell apoptosis of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle and reducing collagen fibers formation in penis.
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    Mesaconitine extracted from Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata Aconite inhibited proliferation and induced apoptosis of human erythroleukemia (K562) cell line
    GUAN Xin, YANG Tong-hua, ZHANG Ai-ling, SU Mian-cheng, ZHAO Ren-bin, ZHANG Chao-ran, HE Li-li
    2015, 38 (7):  467-472.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.009
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    Objective To study the biological effect of mesaconitine extracted from Fuzi (Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata Aconite) on human erythroleukemia (K562) cells lines. Methods The contents of mesaconitine and benzoylmesaconine were determined by using HPLC. After K562 cells were treated with mesaconitine standard substance, the leukemia cell morphology was observed under an electron microscope microscope. And the cell cycle, apoptosis of leukemic cells were measured by flow cytometry. Results Mesaconitine of 25~50 mg/L significantly inhibited K562 cells proliferation in dose- and time- dependent manner(P<0.05). Apoptosis was induced by mesaconitine at the dose of 25~50 mg/L(P<0.05). The ratio of cells at S phase increased and that of cells at G1 phase decreased(P<0.05). Conclusion Mesaconitine extracted from Fuzi inhibited proliferation and induced apoptosis of K562 cell line.
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    Quality representation and correlation analysis of Fructus Gardenia based on characteristic spectrum of medicinal system
    XU Shu-ya, LI Gang, MEI Ying-ying, LU Guang-ying, ZHAO Li-min, TANG Xue-yang, ZHANG Lu, LI Huan-juan, PENG Ping, SHI Ren-bing
    2015, 38 (7):  473-480.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.010
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    Objective To establish the quality representation and correlation analysis method based on the characteristic spectrum of medicinal system of raw decoction pieces of Zhizi (Fructus Gardenia), so as to evaluate quality of Zhizi pieces effectively and accurately. Methods Using established HPLC-PDA method to characterize the quality of Zhizi characteristic chromatogram of medicinal system. The quality of 16 batches of Zhizi pieces was represented according to the number and chemical type of characteristic peaks on chromatogram, and the quantity of 16 batches of Zhizi pieces was represented based on the content of characteristic index components of gardenoside, genipin 1-gentiobioside, chlorogenic acid, iridoids (represented by gardenoside) and phenylpropionic acids (represented by chlorogenic acid). The content of total terpenoids was determined by using vanillin-perchloric acid colorimetric method and the content of total phenols was detected by using chloride-potassium ferricyanide colorimetric method. Correlation analysis of quality and quantity representations was then performed referring to the benchmark pieces. Results As the reference substance, characteristic spectrum of Lot.6 contains nine characteristic peaks including four peaks of iridoids and five peaks of phenylpropionic acids, which all appeard on the chromatograms of 16 batches Zhizi pieces. Lot.3, 4, 7, 8, 13 Zhizi pieces had more effective index components than that of Lot.6, and Lot. 7, 1, 9, 4, 3, 12, 5, 14 pieces had higher correlation degree to Lot.6. After comprehensive evaluation, the quality of Lot. 3, 4, 6, 7 were better. Conclusion The established HPLC methods by quality and quantity representation of characteristic spectrum of 16 batches of Zhizi pieces is simple and accurate. And the evaluation mode of quantity and quality and their correlation based on Zhizi medicinal system, concerning on systemic correlation and application validity, can evaluate the quality of Zhizi pieces effectively and accurately.
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    Effects of electroacupuncture intervention at different time-points on the histological structure, function and level of nitric oxide of the liver in simulated weightlessness rats
    SONG Yan, ZHAO Guo-zhen, WANG De-sheng, ZHAO Bai-xiao, JI Bo, ZHANG He, MAO Ying-qiu, ZHANG Ping, XU Yong-si, LIU Ya-li, LU Ya-wen, DAI Jian, LI Ying-hui
    2015, 38 (7):  481-485.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.011
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    Objective To observe the effect of needling on the structure, function and level of nitric oxide (NO) of the liver in rats with simulated weightlessness, so as to explore the protective mechanism of acupuncture on liver injury.Methods Twenty male clean grade Wistar rats were randomly divided into normal group, model group, pretreatment group and treatment group(each n=5).The rats of normal group received no treatment, and those of other three groups were tail-suspended for 4 weeks to establish weightlessness model.Electroacupuncture at the points of Shenshu (BL23), Pishu (BL20) and Sanyinjiao (SP60) once daily for 30 min was applied one week ahead of tail-suspension in pre-treatment group, while in treatment group the needling treatment applied at the same three points once every other day for 14 d was carried out at the day when the rats was tail-suspended. The changes of hepatic histological structure were observed, and the activity of alanine aminotransferase(ALT) in serum and the content of NO in liver were measured.Results The hepatic cell degeneration were observed around the central vein in model group; the degree of degeneration relieved in both electroacupuncture treatment groups. Furthermore, the curative effect of the pre-treatment group was better than the treatment group. Compared with normal group, the activity of ALT in serum and the content of NO in liver in model group increased significantly (P<0.05, P<0.01). Compared with model group, the activity of ALT in serum and the content of NO in liver in the pre-treatment group significantly reduced(P<0.05), however, those in treatment group had no obvious difference. Compared with pre-treatment group, the activity of ALT tended to increase and the content of NO increased significantly(P<0.01) in the acupuncture group. Conclusion The effects of relieving hepatic injury and dysfunction induced by weightlessness, which potentially was related to the content of NO, in the pre-treatment group were superior to those in the treatment group.
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    Effect of medicinal-cake-seperated moxibustion on expression of prostaglandins in uterus of rat model with primary dysmenorrheal
    GENG Bao-zhong , FAN Yu-shan, YE Zi-wei, MIAO Fu-rui
    2015, 38 (7):  486-489.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.012
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    Objective To observe the effect of medicinal-cake-separated moxibustion on the expression of prostaglandins (PG) in rats with primary dysmenorrheal (PD). Methods 20 of 100 female rats were included in blank group, and the rest 80 rats established PD model by injection of oxytocin and estrogen were randomized into model group, Chinese medicinal group (medicinal group) administered intragastrically with modified yimucao ointment once daily, acupuncture group treated with needling at point of Mingmen (GV4)once daily and medicinal-cake-separated moxibustion group(moxibustion group) with Lizhongtang at GV4 once daily. The latency duration and the times of writhing body (times)within 30 min were observed, and the serum levels of PGF-R and PGE2-R were detected by using immunohistochemical method. Results ①The times and latency duration in model group were more than those of blank group(P<0.01).Compared with model group, the times decreased significantly and the first latency duration prolonged in acupuncture group, Chinese medicinal group and moxibustion group(P<0.01). There was no statistical difference in latency duration among the three treatment groups; however, compared with medicinal group, the times in 30 min decreased markedly in both acupuncture group and moxibustion group and the times in moxibustion group was less than those in acupuncture group(P<0.01).②Compared with blank group, the expressions of PGF-R in the other four groups obviously increased (P<0.01), while the expressions of PGE2-R obviously decreased (P<0.01).Compared with model group, the expressions of PGF-R in three treatment groups were downregulated (P<0.01), while PGE2-R upregulated (P<0.01).Compared with medicinal group , the expressions of PGF-R decreased significantly while PGE2-R increased in both acupuncture group and moxibustion group (P<0.01). Conclusion The mechanism of medicinal-cake-separated moxibustion on alleviating PD maybe takes into effect via downregulating the expression of PGF-R and upregulating expression of PGE2-R.
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    Effects of acupuncture and moxibustion on serum granulocyte colony stimulating factors in CTX-induced tumor-bearing mice
    LU Mei, FU Han-lei, CAO Da-ming, ZHAO Xi-xin, LI Jian-wei, WANG Guang-an, ZHANG Li
    2015, 38 (7):  490-495.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.013
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    Objective To study the content of serum granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor(GM-CSF)and granulocyte colony stimulating factor(G-CSF)in cyclophosphamide(CTX)-induced tumor-bearing mice before and after acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, so as to find out the mechanism of acupuncture and moxibustion treatment on recovery from myelosuppression and increasing of leukocyte counts. Methods 64 Kunming male mice of clean grade were transplanted subcutaneously S180 sarcoma cells to induce the transplanting tumor model, then were randomly divided into control group, model group, acupuncture group and moxibustion group (each n=16) according to the body weight. Mice in model group, acupuncture group and moxibustion group were intraperitoneally injected with CTX to establish CTX-induced tumor-bearing mice model, and the control group were injected intraperitoneally with normal saline. Acupoints Dazhui(GV14), Geshu (BL17), Shenshu (BL23) and Zusanli (ST36) were needled in acupuncture group and were moxa moxibusted in moxibustion group once daily at regular time for consecutive 5 d. Peripheral leukocyte counts were measured by detecting the blood collected from caudal vein before modeling and at every day of treatment procedure. The serum concentrations of GM-CSF and G-CSF were determined by using ELISA method at the third day of treatment and one day after five-day-treatment. Results Compared with control group, peripheral leukocyte counts decreased, even to the lowest level at the fourth day in the three groups of CTX-induced tumor-bearing mice, and the serum concentrations of GM-CSF and G-CSF also decreased in the three groups significantly(P<0.05). At the fifth day of treatment, leukocyte counts started to increase, and the serum concentrations of GM-CSF and G-CSF increased significantly compared with model group(P<0.05). At the day after treatment, leukocyte counts increased to nearly normal level and the serum concentrations of GM-CSF and G-CSF increased dramatically compared with model group. Conclusion CTX damaged the myeloid element to reduce peripheral leukocyte counts and the serum concentrations of GM-CSF and G-CSF. Acupuncture and moxibustion can obviously increase the concentration of GM-CSF and G-CSF, that is to say, both the Chinese medical treatment can induce colony growth of the granulocyte precursor and macrophage precursor cells and stimulate differentiation of the hematopoietic cells, leading to proliferation, differentiation and maturation of the myeloid hematopoietic cells, resulting in recovery from myelosuppression and increasing of leukocyte counts induced by chemotherapy.
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    Laws of TCM syndromes of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and characteristics of Chinese medicinal herbs used: a data mining based on literature
    HAN Li, WANG Guan-long, YANG Qin-he, YU Yao, ZHANG Yu-pei, GONG Xiang-wen, LI Yuan-yuan
    2015, 38 (7):  496-500.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.014
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    Objective To reveal the rules of TCM syndromes and prescription of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD) by using data mining methods. Methods After retrieving clinical trials of CNKI, VIP and Wanfang database related to TCM treatment and syndromes of NAFLD, besides manual searching from 2000 to 2013, the database was established. Then the literature was screened and extracted for analysis of frequency and relevance principles. Results Altogether 44 TCM syndrome patterns were involved in 124 citations included. By disintegration of the 44 syndromes, 16 syndrome factors appeared including 6 factors of disease location and 10 factors of disease nature. There were 168 Chinese medicinal herbs with the total frequency of 1 687 used in 156 prescriptions. By using relevance principle analysis, the common compatibility of crude herbs used on treatment of NAFLD was listed. Conclusion The key factors of NAFLD were phlegm, dampness, blood stasis and qi stagnation, and the disease locations were at liver and spleen. Pathogenesis were mainly syndrome of excess and syndrome of intermingled deficiency and excess. So the foundamental principle of treatment of NAFLD was reinforcement combined with elimination.
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    Chinese medical syndrome distribution of infertility based on prescription guided by corresponding theory of formulas and syndromes: a literature review
    LIU Yan, CHEN Jia-xu, ZOU Xiao-juan, KOU Mei-jing, LIU Yue-yun, JIANG Rui-xue, DAI Hong, JIANG You-ming
    2015, 38 (7):  501-504.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1006-2157.2015.07.015
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    Objective To explore the rules of Chinese medical syndrome distribution of infertility based on the analysis of prescription, so as to provide scientific basis for clinical practice and research. Methods A literature searching of VIP, Wangfang data, CNKI and CBM was performed. After all the formulas and medicines extracted from the literature were input EpiData2.0 and analysed by using SPSS 18.0 software, the catagory, frequency, rate and channels were obtained. Results 144 citations were identified. The use frequency of Chinese medicinal herbs ranked from high to low were drugs for invigorating blood circulation, drugs for yang-tonifying, drugs for enriching blood, drugs for qi-tonifying, drugs for clearing heat, drugs for regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction toit, drugs for yin-tonifying, drugs for clearing damp and promoting diuresis, drugs for relieving exterior syndrome, drugs for warming interior and drugs for removing phlegm. The channel tropism of medicines ranked from high to low were liver meridian, kidney meridian, spleen meridian, stomach meridian, lung meridian and heart meridian. Conclusion According to the analysis of medicine types and channel tropism based on the corresponding theory of formulas and syndromes, the main syndromes of infertility were syndrome of stagnation of liver qi, syndrome of deficiency of kidney qi, syndrome of deficiency of kidney yang, syndrome of deficiency of kidney yin, syndrome of dampness-heat in uterus, syndrome of static blood blocking in uterus, syndrome of yin deficiency of liver and kidney, syndrome of stagnation of liver qi and spleen deficiency and syndrome of deficiency of spleen qi and stomach qi.
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